Welcome to the web presentation of this simple and unique peace project, which exists since 2009 and which comes not from politics, but from the people, not from the arguments, but from the feelings and harmonizing tones of the largest organ in Bosnia and Herzegovina!  Thank you for your interest!

Vidovačke ljetne Večeri mira In the beginning it was only an idea, now it’s a festival!

With this organ, the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we want to contribute to peace and reconciliation! You can help us! Become a member, you carry our idea further and further, talk to your friends about what we have done! Although we have achieved a lot (financed and repaired the largest organ in the country – a gift of Salzburg parish of St. Andrae – stored from 2006 to 2009,  organized two international organ festivals, paid off some of the debts, set a financial foundation for the next festival )we’re still going strong, while we also need your help!

Welcome to our website!

Additional information can also be found at  Pilgrim for Peace